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Safety – Our Priority

​ Safety is of utmost concern. ​ There is Internal Safety Organisation operating at different level to promote safety awareness. ​ Roof bolting with resin capsules in all watery mines. Further, efforts for introduction of resin bolting for roof support in all underground mines ​ Apart from regular training employees are periodically trained through training centre. ​ In house strata control instrumentation and monitoring is being done. In addition to this Rock Mass Rating is done at the in house laboratory.

​Mission of the Company on Safety

The Company believes that good safety performance is an integral part of efficient & profitable business management and is fully committed to total safety in all aspects of its operations. The company religiously follows the dictum that safety of persons overrides all production targets. The Company attaches prime importance to safety of the employees which will not be compromised for any other considerations.

​Internal Safety Organization

ISO, SECL has 3-tier organization under the administrative control of Director (Tech) Operations with the overall control of Chairman-cum-Managing Director. At Corporate level it is headed by CGM (Safety & Rescue) and at Area by Area Safety Officer. Functions are -

Formulation of Safety Policy and bg-info text-white Participation in Operation Plan. Inspection of Mines and to remove shortcomings in the system. Enquiry & analysis of every accident / incidence in mines and other related activities and Dissemination of its recommendation. Ensuring supply of good quality safety material. Ensuring Implementation of Recommendations of Safety Conference, Safety Board, Standing Committee on Safety, etc. Review of preparedness of monsoon. Organizing Annual Safety Week and specialized Safety Training. Conducting various Safety Committee meetings. Issue of safety clearance to new districts. Conducting meeting of unit Safety Officers with Area CGM/GM on monthly basis.

​Safety Forums

To enhance safety there exist different Safety Forums such as, Workmen Inspectors and Pit Safety Committees at Unit level, Safety Committee/Board at Area level, Bi-partite & Tri-partite Safety Committee at Area and Corporate level, and Joint Consultative Committees bg-info text-white from Unit to Corporate level.

​Strata Control

There are in house strata monitoring system with established 3-tier strata control cells at Company, Area & Unit levels. Objectives :– To assess the dilation of strata layers, the convergence of strata and the load & stress around openings. To design optimum support system. To monitor / control caving of roof as desired. To avoid premature collapse of roof & sides. To determine threshold limit of convergence and stress for safe withdrawal of men and machineries. Activities :– Conducting periodic workshops at Area level. Demonstration of instrumentation at Area & Mine level. Mine-wise follow-up for instrumentation. Inspections for strata control monitoring and instrumentation. At mine level strata monitoring is done on regular basis, which includes; inspection of roof & sides, testing of supports, installation & monitoring of supports, monitoring of roof behaviour with the use of indicator props / indicative supports and strata control instrumentation. Roof bolting grouted with cement / resin capsules, as per need, is the prime system of support. The support system is designed on the basis of Rock Mass Rating which is done at the in-house laboratory.

Training of Employees

To enhance and maintain the safety awareness among workers Safety Fortnights and special safety drives are observed in mines of SECL. Awareness and Safety talks in each shift are being practiced on regular basis to develop a safety culture in accordance of “Code of Safe Practices”. The initial training is imparted to all new entrant and refresher training to all employees as per statute. Thrust on training and retraining of Supervisors, Support Personnel, HEMM operators and contractor’s workers was maintained as a strategy to reduce accidents due to roof/side falls in underground mines and accidents in opencast mines and at surface of mines. Apart from statutory training being provided to employees of SECL under the Mines Vocational Training Rules, 1966 at the time of intake and refresher training at regular interval at VTCs at Areas, need based training is also imparted at Area level and at Management Development Institute of SECL HQ, Bilaspur. Executives are also undergoing special training at IICM, Ranchi & other educational institutions / organizations.

Rescue arrangement

The Company has bg-info text-white rescue trained personnel (Field Volunteers) as per statute to serve in rescue & recovery operations. Regular refresher trainings in rescue & recovery work are imparted to executives, supervisory staff & workers at the Mines Rescue Station (MRS), Manendragarh of Hasdeo Area and five other RRTs of different Areas. Initial training of new persons of the mines is also imparted at the MRS, Manendragarh. SECL has a well organized Rescue Organization under Director(Tech) (Operation), headed by Chief General Manager(Safety & Rescue) with close supervision and guidance of General Manager(Rescue). The Company is maintaining one Rescue Station centrally located at Manendragarh, five Rescue Rooms with Refresher Training facilities (RRRT), one each at Johilla, Sohagpur, Bisrampur, Baikunthpur and Kusmunda Areas, to impart refresher training as well as to render rescue & recovery services. In addition, five Rescue Rooms one each at Chirimiri, Bhatgaon, Jamuna-Kotma, Raigarh and Rajgamar (Korba) are also in operation. The Rescue Station/ Rescue Rooms are situated within 35 Kms. of every underground mine as per statute to facilitate rescue & recovery work as early as possible, except Rani Atari Sub-Area mines of Chirimiri Area. There exist specially designed & constructed training galleries at MRS and RRRTs to provide for initial and refresher training in simulated environment of fire, spontaneous heating and explosion in underground mines.Pit practices are also done to make the rescue trained persons acquainted with changing underground workings. Rescue Apparatus like Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, BG-174, BG-4, Reviving apparatus and Short Duration Breathing apparatus are maintained in the Company as per statute. Self Rescuers have also been provided for safe escape of persons in case of irrespirable atmosphere caused due to sudden irruption of noxious gases or outburst of fire in mines. The services of the Mines Rescue Station, Manendragarh and other Rescue Units of SECL were utilized not only for mining related activities but also for the rescue activities involving the general public and properties. Rescue services of SECL performs other than rescue jobs such as Ventilation Pressure Quantity Survey, Inspection of mines and Training of mine personnel in fire fighting, First Aid, Gas testing, use of Self Contained Self Rescuer & Mine Air Analysis on regular basis. All mines are having well defined emergency organization plan and rescue plan marked with emergency escape route for quick rescue operation. Mock rehearsals are being carried out at regular interval.


The following effective steps taken to improve the safety standards in the mines of SECL In SECL, due care is taken for the safety of the men and machines working in the mines. All possible measures are adopted in advance for the safety in mines. To prevent recurrence of accidents all the recommendations on the basis of findings of the accident enquiries are being implemented after deliberation in the safety committee meeting. All workers are being trained as per need to make them aware with the changing new technologies and method of workings with due consideration to the safety norms. All the provisions of the Mines Act & Rules, Coal Mines Regulations, etc. and the Circulars issued there under in this regard are being complied with to ensure occupational safety for the employees/workers at their workplaces. To enhance & ensure safety standards for the workers employed in mines of SECL, there exist different types of Safety Forums such as, Workmen Inspectors and Pit Safety Committee (with workers bg-info text-white participation) at Unit level, Safety Committee/Board at Area level, Bipartite and Tripartite Safety Committee at Area and Corporate level. All the recommendations/suggestions made by the Standing Committee on Safety in coal mines, National Safety Conference, Court of Inquiries, Safety Boards, Tripartite, Bipartite & Pit Safety Committees are implemented. In addition to the Mine & Area Management, rigorous inspection of the mines of SECL are also being done in multi-level by DGMS Officers, Senior Management officials, ISO officials, Union Representatives & Pit Safety Committee to check safety status. Suggestions given by them for increasing safety awareness amongst the employees/workers as well as to improve the safety status of mines are implemented immediately. Code of Safe Practices are framed for critical operations and implemented. To enhance and maintain the safety awareness among workers Safety Fortnights and special safety drives are observed in mines of SECL. Awareness and Safety talks in each shift are being practiced on regular basis to develop a safety culture in accordance of “Code of Safe Practices”. The protective appliances against the danger of fire, dust, noise, air pollution and visibility have been introduced in addition to normal protective safety appliances being supplied to the workers. This further helps in preventive control of safety hazards. All the accidents were enquired into by the ISO & DGMS officials and based on their findings and with the approval of competent authority the disciplinary action was taken against the persons found responsible for the accident. Also based on the findings of enquiry report, ISO circulars were issued for taking immediate corrective measures. Thrust on reduction of deployment in areas of high risk with regard to danger of roof and side falls through mechanization by introducing (i) Short-wall Mining to work under protective roof, (ii) Continuous Miner & High Wall Mining to reduce exposure of persons to risk areas. High capacity Dumpers have been introduced in mega OC projects to reduce the fleet of vehicles. Roof bolting with resin capsules has been introduced in all watery mines. Further, efforts are being made for introduction of resin bolting for roof support in all underground mines. Safety Management Plan based on Risk Assessment has been prepared for all opencast mines of SECL by SIMTARS, Australia trained executives in association with mine management (after imparting training as per SIMTARS training module) for time framed implementation of the same in each mine. Similar SMP for UG mines is being prepared. The major area of risk is assessed for each mine and preventive actions are also provided to educate workers. DO’s and DON’Ts with posters publicity and propaganda is adopted. All the accident affected persons are called before the Pit Safety Committee Meeting and the cause of accident as well as the mistake / defect in the system is analysed to avoid such accidents. Training and refresher training is provided to all the workmen. All the resources are made available at the worksite with its know-how to avert accidents in future. Strata control cell has been established and instrumentation done for closely monitoring of the strata behaviour in all underground mines. Predictive strata control monitoring has been started in all depillaring districts to apprehend fall of roof & sides with subsequent accident prevention and safe withdrawal of men and machinery. Convergence monitoring system has been established in traveling roadways and development districts (with indicator props at vulnerable places) in all u/g mines for roof & side safety. Regular trainings, follow-ups & inspections are being done for effective strata control monitoring. Before monsoon the high level review is done to assess the status of monsoon preparation with apprehended danger due to underground / surface waters and accordingly action plan is prepared for implementation & monitoring. The rescue station / room etc. have been fully equipped with round the clock emergency services available for all mines in SECL.

The following effective steps taken to improve the safety standards in the mines of SECL

The Mines Act. The Mine Rules, The Coal Mines Regulations, The Mines Vocational Training Rules, The Mines Rescue Rules, etc. framed under the Mines Act and the DGMS Circulars issued there under time to time. The Maternity benefit Act. The Workmen Compensation Act. The Safety Manuals for Coal Mines. The Mineral Conservation Act. The Indian Electricity Rules. The Indian Explosive Act & Rules. The Indian Explosive Act & Rules. The Environmental Pollution & Protection Act. etc.

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