साउथ ईस्टर्न कोलफील्ड्स लिमिटेड

South Eastern Coalfields Limited

(भारत सरकार का उपक्रम)

(A Government of India Undertaking)

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South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) was incorporated on 28.11.1985 with the objective to acquire and take over business of the Bilaspur division of Western Coalfields & the Talcher division of Central Coalfields limited. SECL is a Schdule-B Miniratna CPSE in the coal & lignite sector. It is one of the eight subsidiaries of Coal India Limited (A Govt. of India Undertaking) under the Ministry of Coal having registered Corporate Office at Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.


SECL has 113 approved coal projects (80 underground projects and 33 opencast projects) for a total ultimate capacity of 149.02 MTY. Out of 113 projects, 34 projects (14 UG & 20 OC), having rated capacity of 29.86 MTY, are on-going & new projects, and 54 projects (42 UG & 12 OC), with rated capacity of 119.16 MTY, have been completed as on 31 st March 2013. As on 01.04.13, SECL has 84 working mines with 34 mines in the state of M.P. & 50 mines in the state of C.G. besides a Coal Carbonization Plant namely Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC) at Dankuni in West Bengal, on lease basis from Coal India Limited. Out of these 84 mines 62 mines are underground, 21 are opencast & 1 is mixed mine. SECL has four major coalfields namely, Central India Coalfield (CIC), Korba Coalfields, Mand-Raigarh Coalfield and Ramkola-Tatapani coalfield. For effective administrative control & operations, the mines have been grouped in 13 administrative Areas, as under :

A. Central India Coalfields
  1. Baikunthpur Area
  2. Bhatgaon Area
  3. Bisrampur Area
  4. Chirimiri Area
  5. Hasdeo Area
  6. Jamuna&Kotma Area
  7. Johilla Area
  8. Sohagpur Area
B. Korba Coalfield
  1. Dipika Area
  2. Gevera Area
  3. Korba Area
  4. Kusmunda Area
C. Mand-Raigarh Coalfield
  1. Raigarh Area


As on 01.04.2012, the total geological coal reserve in SECL command area is 58253.15 Million tons, out of which 16076.54 Million tones is the proved reserve. The coal deposits of SECL occurs in the great Son-Mahanadi master basin. It spreads over 6 districts namely Korba, Raigarh, Surguja, Surajpur, Balrampur& Korea) in Chhattisgarh (C.G) state and 3 districts viz. Shahdol, Anuppur & Umaria districts in Madhya Pradesh (M.P). The total coal reserve in M.P as on 01.04.2012 is 7407.00 MT while in C.G, it is 50846.15 MT.

State Depth Proved Indicated Inferred Total
Coal Reserves in M.P. 0-1200 Meter 2088.69 5095.30 223.01 7407.00
Coal Reserves in C.G. 13987.85 33448.25 3410.05 50846.15
TOTAL 16076.54 38543.55 3633.06 58253.15

As on 01/04/2012, as per GSI, SECL has following geological coal reserves in its four major coalfields

Coalfields Depth (mts) Proved Indicated Inferred Total
CIC 0-1200 5895.68 12182.74 653.89 18732.31
KORBA 0-600 5651.14 5936.5 168.02 11755.66
MAND-RAIGARH 0-1200 4479.29 18031.59 2608.96 25119.84
RAMKOLA TATAPANI 0-600 50.43 2392.72 202.19 2645.34
SECL 0-1200 16076.54 38543.55 3633.06 58253.15

It extends from Bishrampur Coalfield in the east to Umaria-Korar coalfield in the west and located in 7 districts viz. Surguja, Surajpur, Balrampur& Korea in Chhattisgarh and Shahdol, Anuppur&Umaria in Eastern Madhya Pradesh. This includes 14 coalfields namely Korar, Umaria, Johilla, Sohagpur, Sonhat, Jhilimili, Chirimiri, Sendurgarh, Korea-garh, Damhamunda, Panch-bahini, Hasdeo-Arand, Lakhanpur and Bishrampur. Out of the above, 3 coalfields namely Korar, Koreagarh and Damhamunda are of only geological importance and do not have any potential coal seams. Two coalfields namely Panchbahini and Hasdeo-Arand are virgin. Central India Coalfields mostly comprises of B & C grade of coal with geological reserves of 18732.31 MT. The deposits are at the depth of 0-1200 meters & therefore extraction is mainly amenable to underground mining except a few blocks in eastern part of these coalfields which have opencast potential.

Korba coalfield is located in Korba district of Chhattisgarh. As per GSI, a total of 11755.66.21 MT coal reserves is available in Korba coalfield. The deposits are restricted into two distinct zones:
Thick seam/quarriable power grade zone comprising of grade E, F & G Coal.
Thin seam/underground superior grade zone comprising of grade B to D grade coal.

It is Situated in Raigarh district of Chhatisgarh.
It Comprises of grades A to G and has the reserves of 25119.84 MT of coal.
It has large potential for power grade coal and is amnable to open-cast mining.

It is located in Surguja district of Chhatisgarh.
It is virgin & its exploitation yet to be taken up.
It Comprises of A to G grade coal and have the total reserves of 2645.34 Mt.
Infrastructural facilities for coal evacuation yet to be established here.